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Faith Formation

At Our Lady of the Snows, we believe that "God is present in all that we do". Therefore, faith is integrated into daily practices to create a vibrant and spiritually nourishing environment. Students participate in daily prayers and religious instruction that deepen their understanding of Catholic teachings and values. Students in Kindergarten-8th grade attend mass weekly and liturgical celebrations throughout the year, allowing students to actively engage in the rich traditions of their Catholic faith. Additionally, service projects provide opportunities for students to live out their faith by practicing compassion, justice, and service to others. By immersing students in a faith-filled atmosphere and providing opportunities for spiritual growth, we strive to nurture the whole person and help students develop a strong foundation in their Catholic identity.

Faith Buddies Program 

 We have implemented a unique program that pairs older and younger grade levels, fostering a sense of community and providing an opportunity for spiritual mentorship. Through our Faith Buddies program, older students are paired with younger students to attend weekly Mass together, guiding and supporting their younger peers in learning about their faith. This program not only allows older students to deepen their own understanding and practice or the faith but also provides a nurturing environment for younger students to learn and actively engage in the Mass. By fostering these cross-grade relationships, the Faith Buddies program promotes a sense of unity, mentorship, and spiritual growth among our students, which contributes to a solid foundation in the faith. 

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