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We are proud to have over 5 clubs for our students to participate, learn and grow. For more information about clubs please contact us. 



Yoga (Buddha Belly Kids Yoga)

We partner with Buddha Belly Kids Yoga to provide our students with opportunities throughout the year to build confidence, self-awareness, and fun! This program allows students to explore yoga and learn traditional poses, breathing techniques, guided relaxation, and mindfulness. Learning these techniques at such a young age sets our students up for success as they not only learn healthy ways to decompress but also about their inner strength.

Yoga is held for grade levels on a rotating basis after school, based on student interest.

Fight Like a Girl 

Fight like a Girl

Fight Like a Girl (Box United) 

We partner with Box United through a comprehensive, 10 week program in which our 5th-8th grade girls develop a positive relationship with their bodies and minds through boxing.

The program runs once a week for 10 weeks and every session focuses on both boxing and leadership development. The boxing lessons are music-driven workouts that combine yoga, mindfulness training, strength training, and boxing. The leadership development lessons alternate between videos, discussions, and activities with topics that range from mindfulness and managing stress to navigating social media. Each week of programming builds off of the previous week and ends with tangible takeaways for students.

The goals of the program are to:

  • Provide a pathway for girls to unlock their full potential through sport

  • Use the sport of boxing to help girls develop a positive relationship with their bodies and minds

  • Build the next generation of female leaders

DIY Club

DIY Club

DIY club is a student created and led club for students that like to be creative and show off their artistic side! Students in this club participate in various art activities, such as creating their own slime, geometric canvas art piece, and even making their own ice cream!


This club aims to help students not only grow in their ability to express themselves creatively, but also realize that art can be found everywhere.

Entrepreneurship Program

Entrepreneurship Program

Entrepreneurship Program (Big Shoulders Fund)

Through our partnership with the Big Shoulders Fund, interested 8th grade students take on the task of becoming entrepreneurs and create their own business to pitch with help from volunteer mentors at Ernst & Young.


This program gives our students a pathway to be creative, solve problems, and showcase their unique skills. During the length of the program, students work with volunteer mentors from Ernst & Young to learn about business and entrepreneurship.


The program also has a “Shark Tank” quality to it: teams of students create a business idea and then present it to a panel of judges in the Spring to determine the winning pitch.

Entrepreneurship Program.jpg

Leopard Ministry 

Leopard Ministry

Leopard Ministry is for 2nd-7th grade students that are interested in strengthening their faith with their peers. Students participate in service projects, such as helping with our Thanksgiving Food Drive, weeding our garden, and writing letters to members of our community to make them feel special.


Students also lead our prayer services throughout the year by reading, acting, and singing. This club provides our students with the unique opportunity to discover their gifts and use them to serve others in the community.



We are proud to offer Violin lessons for Preschool-8th grade students through our teacher Mrs. Elizabeth Rodriguez. Through the Suzuki Method, musical instruction allows students to achieve excellence in their educational process, through the discipline of music.


This program expresses the joys of classical music and the discipline of instrumental practice and performance. By bringing teachers, parents, and children together to accomplish this learning, the program increases the community’s awareness of their children’s education.


Dr. Schinichi Suzuki, a Japanese violinist, performer, and teacher developed a method of learning music, the same way a child learns to talk. This approach is called the “mother tongue”. Dr. Suzuki believed that all children have talent and can learn by creating and nurturing an environment. Through the Suzuki method, children learn by imitating and listening, in the same way, a child learns to speak by imitating and listening to his/her parents.

Violin is held once a week for 45 minutes for Beginners and Advanced students.



We are proud to be a part of the Midway Regional Catholic School Bands group, which gives students in grades 4-8 the opportunity to learn how to play an instrument and read music. Learning to play a musical instrument is a true challenge requiring a good amount of time and effort. The musical knowledge and skill gained by being a part of the Our Lady of the Snows School Band can be carried forward into high school,  college, and even into a professional career.


The OLS School Band provides our students with the opportunity to play their instrument in an environment of teamwork, discipline, cooperation, and friendly competition.  Through several public performances each year, the band serves to instill confidence and pride in a job well done.

Please contact our Band Director, Mr. William Gula at for information regarding the cost of participation and registration. Instruments offered include; Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone, and Snare Drum.


If you already own an instrument, please bring it to the first lesson so we can inspect it for proper working conditions.

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