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Trivia & Karaoke Night

The smell of competition was in the air on Saturday! Phones of 30 competitors were on the edge of their seats, yet they didn't know what was to come! With 10 rounds and 10 questions each, you had to know Chicago history, geography around the world, certain animals, Disney movies, and more. It was cut throat! There was even an Avis vs. Avis moment…husband vs. wife….but with a round of rock, paper, scissors to determine the winner…Mrs Avis won against her husband!  Adult prizes included: Baking baskets, Harry Potter baskets, and some Adult Beverage themed baskets. 

Also, between the Adult Trivia, our hosts Paul and Sarah had some games of Bingo for the children to play. Prizes for the children included: Squishmallows, blankets, games, and LEGO sets!

After Trivia, our kids & adults warmed up their vocal cords and got on the microphone for some Karaoke! We heard a number of songs from Rocking Around the Christmas Tree to Old Town Road! Fun was had by all!

It was a nice evening to get out and socialize with OLS parents and faculty that came out. Unfortunately, Mrs. Kelly didn't win any rounds of Trivia, but enjoyed seeing the community come together and cheer each other on!

Until next time…

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